Consult the plans of our different houses specially designed for seniors

Often, the occurrence of an accident, the reception of a person with reduced mobility or aging force to modify in the urgency the conditions of habitability of the housing and lead thus very heavy financial consequences.
To remedy this, AB 2000 CONSTRUCTION has decided to provide for the adaptability of your home as soon as it is built.

The reasons to choose a Senior House Evolutive?

  • Anticipate the hazards of personal life
  • Allow the reception of elderly people or people with reduced mobility
  • Promote travel in case of loss of autonomy
  • Promote the intervention of personal assistance
  • Facilitate the conditions of resale or rental

Our models of Senior Houses are specially studied and obey to a precise specifications.
Some points :

  • Spacious houses with wide doors
  • Single storey shower, with easy access and anti-slip
  • Automated shutters