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What’s Happening At 2000 Construction


The decision to build the custom home of you and your family’s dreams is one of the major decisions and investments you will make. There are a wealth of advantages and benefits associated with building a custom home. Because of these advantages, a lot of people are now deciding to build their homes rather than settling for pre-existing homes or accepting cookie-cutter new construction. A custom home offers huge flexibility for creating unique spaces and incorporating design features that will make your home unmistakably yours. In this post, we’re going to focus on the living room. Here are some of the reasons why you should build the custom living room of your dreams.

Unique style and design. Building a custom living room gives you the opportunity to explore your imagination and creativity. You get to construct the room from the ground up, guided only by the purpose you want it to serve and and your personal sense of style and luxury. This is decidedly different than purchasing a pre-built home and either making the current space work or paying a significant amount of money (on top of what you’ve already paid to purchase the home) to have it remodeled.

Incorporate your hobbies and lifestyle. This is one of the best aspects of building a custom living room. You get to incorporate your personality, taste and interests from the beginning. For example, if you want to have a grand fireplace or a designated game, movie or dining area, you can have any or all of them incorporated into the design and construction of your living room.

High quality construction. Having a custom-built home allows you to dictate the quality of the materials that are used in the construction. You get to decide on all of the materials that are visible in the room. Ceilings, walls, windows, flooring, fireplaces, even the placement of outlets — it’s all possible and under your control. With older houses or new construction neighborhoods you may not have full knowledge of how they were built or the quality of the materials that were used.

Better energy efficiency. Your custom home builder can make use of the most energy efficient construction methods to seal the home and install the latest energy-saving appliances. This will save each month on your energy bills. On top of that, you can also incorporate eco-friendly construction techniques that were not employed in older homes. Your custom living room can be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer while you save money year-round.

In summary, building a custom living room gives you the freedom to completely personalize what is arguably the most prominent space in your home. If you are interested in learning more about the distinct advantages of a custom built home, contact Oz Custom Home Builders today. Call us at 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.


Many people yearn to design their custom-built dream home. Being able to provide input on every aspect of your living space is a unique experience. How many of us spend years and excessive amounts of money trying to renovate our current homes to create our dream kitchens and must-have master baths?

The benefits of a custom-built home

Having the ability to determine how the sunshine fills your home, how it is best situated upon the property and how to utilize every inch of your square footage are just a few of the bonuses of opting for a custom home. Choosing your favorite materials to work with is another excellent feature. Building a custom log home is distinctly different from building a custom Craftsman style home. Having your inner personality reflected in the aesthetics and layout of your home makes it exceptionally personal — and exceptionally yours.

Owning Your Space

Having the right amount of bedrooms and bathrooms to suit your family is ideal. Perhaps you would prefer to have the kids in their own wing and some space between their rooms, the guest bedroom and the master suite. The beauty of designing your own home is that you can take every aspect into consideration.

Communal eating areas may be more your style as opposed to having a formal dining room. Or vice versa. Maybe a breakfast bar with stools is more conducive for the kids’ snacktime and can double as a homework or laptop station. Incorporating a library into the family room is another popular option. Don’t forget reading nooks, bay windows with built-in seating options and functional fireplaces.

Determining Your Family’s Needs

Individuals who have special needs can dramatically benefit from a custom-built home. Incorporating wider hallways and ramps for wheelchair access, elevators or stair-lift systems can be a wonderful solution for accommodating those with mobility issues. Similarly, having complete control over building materials is extremely helpful for those who suffer from severe allergies.

Figure out where you and your loved ones spend the most time and elaborate on those areas. Look at your family’s favorite extracurricular activities and where you spend time for your entertainment. Perhaps constructing a home gym or home theater room is a priority. If you live to swim, maybe incorporating a built-in pool and/or hot tub should be a part of your plan.

Building Tastes

Have you always dreamed of skylights and vaulted ceilings? Are jet tubs and walk-in, multi-spray showers at the top of the list? Do you want your master bathroom to resemble a spa? Would a changing room, poolside gazebo or a mud room make life easier? Marrying the style and functionality of your dream home takes a talented skill set.

The good news is that’s exactly what we offer at Oz Custom Home Builders. We have been constructing dream homes for nearly two decades and we are ready to start the process of creating your one-of-a-kind space. To make an appointment and learn more, call us today at 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.


Building a custom home offers a number of benefits to the consumer that buying a pre-existing home does not. Chief among these, you as the homeowner are given the opportunity to customize your new home completely to your liking. This covers everything from making sure that the best quality materials are used in construction to selecting the color palette that will be used from top to bottom throughout the entire house to customizing the layout of the house to meet your family’s specific needs. A custom built home really has it all when you’re considering new housing. Here are just a few examples of specialty spaces you can consider building into your custom home.

Home theater. Having a dedicated space to watch movies with family and friends is a wonderful home addition. In a custom-built home, you can easily install your audio/video system during construction, building the speakers into the walls and running the cabling through the walls and ceiling.

Workout area. If you are the type who doesn’t like to go a day without working out but has a busy schedule that interferes with getting to the gym, creating a workout area in your custom home is definitely a great idea. You can build in anything from a true gym-inspired rec room to a relaxing space where you can enjoy your yoga practice without interruptions.

Home spa. Create your own personal pampering space to de-stress and release all the worries of the day. Build into your custom house a home spa complete with dry sauna, steam room, whirlpool, bodywork table and more. This is your private space to relax and indulge yourself, so build in all the things that make you feel great.

These are just three of the countless numbers of specialty spaces you can create from the ground up when you contract for a custom-built home. Oz Custom Home Builders is ready to construct a one-of-a-kind show home for your family that is filled with unique rooms like these and more. Start the process by calling us at 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s Talk About Skylight Roofing

Anyone that has had a window, or vacationed in an exceedingly cabin with a window is aware of what proportion beauty they’ll augment a home. It is charming to look at the snowstorm from the top and to check the shinning stars at midnight wherever there was less light-weight pollution.

That’s why numerous folks wish them despite the fact that they’re expensive  and vulnerable to potential issues. Let’s take a glance at the pros and cons of skylights before you create the ultimate call to possess one put in.

The Pros of Skylights

If you’re wondering having a fanlight put in, you need to make sure you are making an informed decision. That final thing you would like is to be stunned by the continued prices concerned.

  1. Light in Dark Places

Skylights enable aglow into interior places that can’t otherwise get ablaze. For example, the bathroom in the middle of your house that has no window.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

A window provides an attractive window to the sky and might modify the complete atmosphere of your space.

  1. Fresh Air

A emission window will offer contemporary air to an area – once more, like a bathroom – that doesn’t get much fresh air. They can help with natural cooling through venting in summer months or in places that stay warm all year round.

It is necessary to create positive if you choose for a venting fanlight that you just will reach it simply. Otherwise, many folks don’t hassle and so the emanation operate goes to waste.

  1. Indirect Solar Light

Skylights put in within the correct place in your home will offer indirect solar power. A window on the northern facet of your house will offer cool, indirect sunlight. A window on the southern facet will offer indirect solar heat within the winter. However, it should be shaded in summer to stop heating. East and west placed skylights offer either morning or afternoon heat.

The Cons of Skylights


The cons of getting a skylight put in are value wondering. Of course, if you are prepared for them and you know what to expect, it’s not a problem.

  1. Expense

Skylights are expensive  – to put in, to keep up, and they affect your energy bills. You can’t get around it. They will step by step produce wear and tear on your roof as a result of they’re susceptible to leakage. Some insurance firms keep this in mind if you’ve got a skylight, therefore your premiums could go up.

  1. Potential Roof Leaks

Did I mention roof leaks? Of course, the matter are often improved by shopping for a high-quality skylight. You will want to stay away from glazed with plastic skylights that wear out and discolour. They are cheaper initially, however, you will pay in the long run. Make sure the window are mounted higher than the surface of the roof.